Welcome to WELLNESS. This space is going to be your dose of Beauty and Wellness. The WELLNESS Blog and CleanScalps on Instagram is a space where I openly discuss my hair loss journey and how the key to preventing and regrowing your hair starts with fighting inflammation on a cellular level and stimulating the follicles for better blood circulation. 

To introduce why I started this; I have been preventing hair loss through Finasteride and Minoxidil’s traditional methods, but after ten years, my hormones’ function started to pay the price. After one year of stopping, I experienced Telogen Effluvium and lost about 70% of the density on the top of my head. I was sad at first, then mad, and then I took action! I got my hair back. Now I want to share my methods with you! 

 I am continually learning, using investigative journalism techniques- meaning I try everything out on myself first before recommending it to anyone to try. I do not claim to be an expert here, but I have invested a lot of time and money in getting it right. I’ve tried so many products that claim to fight against hair loss. Still, since I have recently decided to live a healthy lifestyle by eating clean, I started reading labels of all my beauty products and found that they have ingredients that harm your body and the environment. With so much information out there, I decided to organize my data and share it with you to have a guide and find the perfect regime for you. 

My mission is to recommend products and self-made formulations that are 100% free from toxic chemicals and made sustainably. 

 Number one hack off the bat. If you are a daily shampooer, stop. Wash your scalp with water every time you wet your hair and only use shampoo 2-3 times a week. Washing with water eliminates 80% of pollution, dirt, product buildup, and sebum from the scalps follicles. Also, the natural moisture from the scalp gets distributed to your ends. If your hair is processed, you can proceed with a conditioner. An adequately cleansed scalp is the foundation for any hair care regimen. A clean scalp will give forth gorgeous hair even if you have no signs of hair loss or thinning. 

Besides, clean scalps, I believe the foundation of any beauty regimen is a healthy lifestyle: water, sleep, a clean diet, movement, and mindfulness. You can do everything under the sun to prevent aging and reverse hair loss, but remember, the number one cause of aging and age-related illnesses is inflammation. 

In this blog, we will do a deep dive into testing your vitamins and micronutrients with blood work, and hormones via saliva and urine using the DUTCH Exam. Then, you can target what vitamins and minerals you may need to supplement with total body and brain function. I am obsessed with anti-aging to live an optimal life full of physical and mental health, and at 35 years old, I know that prevention is a much more effective strategy for beauty and health than dealing with symptoms when they arise. 

 We have a lot of information to cover and will slowly ease you into it to avoid being overwhelmed. Trust me; it’s a lot! But it works. Remember, I am not a doctor nor an expert, just an obsessed hair restoration bio-hacker! 

The image on the left was taken in January 2021,  and the image on the right in October 2020- no photoshop done!

 Forever Youthful, Eddie B.

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