Welcome to WELLNESS. The WELLNESS Blog is your dose of Beauty and Wellness where we discuss about hair loss, the journey how to prevent and regrow your hair. The most simple explanation is fighting inflammation on a cellular level and stimulating the follicles for better blood circulation. 

To introduce why I started this; I have been preventing hair loss through Finasteride and Minoxidil’s traditional methods, but after ten years, my hormones’ function started to pay the price. After one year of stopping, I experienced Telogen Effluvium and lost about 70% of the density on the top of my head. I was sad, mad, and then I took action and I got my hair back. Now I want to share my methods with you.

 I am continually learning, trying everything out on myself first before recommending it to anyone to try. I do not claim to be an expert here, but I have invested a lot of time and money in getting it right trying so many products that claim to fight against hair loss. 

My mission is to recommend products that will give forth gorgeous hair even if you have no signs of hair loss or thinning. Besides, clean scalps, I believe the foundation of any beauty regimen is a healthy lifestyle: water, sleep, a clean diet, movement, and mindfulness. You can do everything under the sun to prevent aging and reverse hair loss, but remember, the number one cause of aging and age-related illnesses is inflammation. 

Remember, I am not a doctor nor an expert, just an obsessed hair restoration bio-hacker! The image on the left was taken in January 2021,  and the image on the right in October 2020-with no photoshop.

More to come! 



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